Candidate Visit: 2/13/17

The first candidate for a job in the english department taught our class today. Judging by how our class went, I’m not surprised she’s one of two candidates left for the job—she was a delight.

I was skeptical at first on what she had planned for our class today, but as soon as the lecture ended, I saw it all relate back to the writing center.

In class assignments:

  1. Write an email to senior member of family letting them know how the semester’s going

Hi Nana,

How are you? I wanted to come visit this weekend, as it is a long weekend and I’d love to take the train to the city and the ferry to Staten Island – lord knows you’d send Papa to pick me up even if he were in the middle of an inspection, but I remember telling me you leave for Antigua on Thursday. I wish I could see you before then. I hope you have a safe trip.

I got your letter in the mail, but I haven’t opened it yet. Thank you in advance for it.

This semester has been going well so far. I’ve been busier than ever, hence why I haven’t called as much, but keep in touch when you’re abroad. My friends are all well, they say hi. I have to tell you about this one class I’m taking. I think you’d really enjoy it.



2. Write email to high school friend about the semester


I know you’ve been having a tough time in college so attached is a picture of my cat with her head stuck in an empty tissue box. I relate.

I know your freshman year isn’t going as well as you thought it might go, but let me give you a few tips based on how my semester is going thus far. First, friendships can be difficult to sustain. One good friend from freshman year has stopped hanging out with the rest of us, but we have to FaceTime about that. I live for gossip. I THRIVE FOR GOSSIP.

Send me your school address btw I have something I want to mail to you heart emoji heart emoji heart emoji


3. Think of something I’m into that no one else is into. Make a list of markers for insiders.

I’m really into drawing portraits of people. That’s it art-wise. I’m not very good at animals anymore, or hands even, and I used to be so good at drawing hands. My art teacher used to ask me to draw hands for her.

My friend is opening an art club so I know she knows about art, but it’s something we never talk about. Many people don’t recognize that I draw. It rarely comes up in conversation. My friend who founded the art club is recognized as an artist but I’m not. She does everything but portraits and I’m the exact opposite. She posts her artwork on social media platforms and I’m the exact opposite.

Markers -> someone who is passionate about art. Mentions how they’d like to go to art galleries. Draws in every inch of white space in their notebook. Draws on whiteboards. Same for painting. I painted the mural(?) in McCormick.

As the session concluded, I related the exercises back to the writing center in the sense that every individual is different – and those differences can be found in pieces of writing. While there are similarities across the board, such as the fact that the email to an elder is more formal than to a friend, it’s the contents of those emails that vary person to person.

Individuality is a critical theme in the writing center. Judging by the video we watched in class, tutors ask open-ended questions for the individual to answer and act as an audience. Truly, it’s all about getting the individual to further their potential when they learn to balance self and other.


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