One-Inch Picture Frame

  1. Anne Lamott talks about the one inch picture frame. With a subject like literacy, even if we narrow it by tending to sponsorship, it’s still a huge topic. After initial drafting, how am I narrowing this topic? Where am I finding my focus, center of gravity. Think about the writing we’ve already done (loop writing, shitty first draft) write a paragraph or so on what’s emerging as my one inch picture frame of my literacy sponsorship project?

I think the common thread found in my sponsorship project thus far, based on my loop writing work and my shitty first draft’s piece, is my journey on gaining higher knowledge. As I touched upon in my writing, I used to have to attend special classes because my comprehension level was not on par with my peers, and it wasn’t for quite some times. Though, as time progressed and I began working harder and harder, I managed to exceed levels everyone thought was unimaginable.

It’s a little jumbled right now– my draft discloses the fact I attended extra classes in order to ameliorate myself, but I don’t talk about what worked. I talk about how I was distracted, until one day going to Italy and being the mitochondria of my tour group. There isn’t much to bridge the gap between those occurrences. Still, from what I have so far, the highlight on progression is the key focus of my one inch frame.

If anything, I could scrap the parts about Italy and instead focus on the classes, what I ended up learning from them, and how I still succeeded in the end. Or, I can focus more on literacy in Italy. I’d be fine focusing on either, but I feel as though they compliment each other.

Revision, April 21, 2017:

The best course of action for me is to scrap the information about my childhood classes and put more emphasis on my time abroad. My one inch frame encompasses my teacher and I working together on the language after school, but isn’t limited to just her. Certain occurrences in Italy also shaped my literacy.

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