Sponsorship Narrative Frameworks

page 167 Brandt asks who are the people, what are the institutions, materials, and motivations that have been involved in your process of gaining access to literacy?


  • parents, teachers, celeb, peers


  • media, environmental, educational/performing institutions, bookstores, home, workplaces


  • books, internet, social media, magazines, pens and pencils, games, notebooks


  • to converse with other people
  • to make a living for oneself
  • if you don’t have it, you don’t have much of anything
  • how are you going to leave your house, feed yourself, etc. if not for being literate?
  • intrinsic love/passion
  • relationships
  • independence
  • jobs family
  • knowledge

ideologies of literacies

  • intersection of gender and class



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