Reflection of the Semester

This semester has been a blast. I was fond of the candidate visits, especially the second candidate who really challenged us to get into depth in a writing-center-esque simulation. The topic was capital punishment and we all put our heads together to get into the nitty gritty. The point of it was to demonstrate how a student can walk into the writing center without an idea for a paper or project, and walk out with 25 or so points that can later be formed into an argument.

I loved the writing center training videos, no matter how much they stressed me out—especially the plagiarism one. Even though it was heavily scripted, it still gave me insight into what tutors face in the writing center. Seeing as I want to work there (wink, wink, Dr. Boquet), the videos have been helpful, and analyzing them has allowed me to gain a deeper understanding of the writing center than I could’ve accomplished by witnessing a session alone. In the future I’d like to be an editor in the publishing industry, and writing center tutors and editors have a very similar job in that they both have to have skills in textual analysis, interpersonal skills, close reading, and revision.

The loop writing and portrait exercises have been a highlight, as well. Though they all went toward the literacy sponsorship work, it really helped me delve deeper into what my one inch frame was for the assignment, and how I can get into a deeper focus of it. In addition, it was a plus to write because I love creative writing!

Thank you for a wonderful semester, Dr. Boquet 🙂


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