Inventing the Writing Center

Building off earlier conversations, the writing center, first and foremost, must be a place to foster ones, well, everything. Foster creativity, kindness, writing potential, etc. In my own writing center, I'd like a smoothie bar. No kidding. Or like a juice bar. Let's give out fruit that'll make everyone happy and healthy. Fruit for everyone. … Continue reading Inventing the Writing Center


Literacy Sponsorship at the juncture of Brandt and Lamott

Question: What evidence of literacy sponsorship, as Brandt defines it, is evident in Lamott's chapter? Lamott, in the last few pages of her Shitty First Drafts piece, discusses how it's imperative to find the right person to bounce ideas off of, the right person to go to for criticism. This relates back to Brandt's sponsorship … Continue reading Literacy Sponsorship at the juncture of Brandt and Lamott

Sponsorship Narrative Frameworks

page 167 Brandt asks who are the people, what are the institutions, materials, and motivations that have been involved in your process of gaining access to literacy? People: parents, teachers, celeb, peers Institutions: media, environmental, educational/performing institutions, bookstores, home, workplaces Materials: books, internet, social media, magazines, pens and pencils, games, notebooks Motivations: to converse with … Continue reading Sponsorship Narrative Frameworks